Ayurvedic management of cervical spondylosis: a case study
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Cervical spondylosis, pizhichil, manyabasti, sinhanad guggul.

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Khadsang, V. D. (2019). Ayurvedic management of cervical spondylosis: a case study. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 3(03). Retrieved from http://ayurline.in/index.php/ayurline/article/view/238


Cervical spondylosis also called cervical osteoarthritis or Neck arthritis. It is common age-related condition that affects the joints and disk in cervical spine. Cervical spondylosis is a common spinal problem seen now days. In the present case study, a diagnosed case of cervical spondylosis has been included for its ayurvedic management. A male patient of 50 years age having chief complaints Neck pain, neck stiffness, back pain since5 months. Effect of pizhichil with Ashwagandha+Shatavari+Bala+Dashmool siddha tail (External therapy), Manyabasti with Tiltail+Sahacharadi tail, Yogabasti (Internal therapy) along with oral medication of Sinhanad Guggul 2BD. Different parameters have been assessed during and after the treatment schedule. There is significant relief in the parameters like neck pain and stiffness.

Article pdf download
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