A review on Importance of Put in medicine preparation
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put, putpak, agnisanskar, parad, sanskar, bhasma, bhasmikaran

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Shinde, R., & Mane, R. G. (2019). A review on Importance of Put in medicine preparation. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 3(04). Retrieved from http://ayurline.in/index.php/ayurline/article/view/253


Rasshastra is a science of medicine preparations by using mostly parad i. e. mercury.  Ras is synonym used for parad, which is Most of the time used for preparation of medicines. Lot of types of Sanskaras[1] are done on the contents of a prepared medicine. Bhasmikaran sanskar is most important sanskar described in Rasshastra. The Bhasmikaran sanskar is done by using varies types of Put. Ras, upras, sadharan ras, dhatu, updhatu and Ratn-upratna2] etc. all these has to undergone in Pak state to prepare a medicine.  The process which is used to evaluate the whether this Pak is done correct or not is call us put.  Aim of this review study is to evaluate the importance of put and putpak kalpana in Rasshastra[3]. After various literatures reviewed found that the bhasm nirman is a main part of medicine prepared in Rasshastra.  Various types of put are described in rasshastra. The puts are advocated accordingly the properties of dravyas who much Agnisaskar  (heating) is required to convert these dravyas in form of bhasm. Bhasm is a state molds the dravyas to assimilate in human body. Therefore this review significantly found that the put and putpak kalpana which described in Rasshastra is most important in medicinal drug preparation,

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