Role of Rasaoushadhies in Hridroga W.S.R. to Hriidayarnava Rasa
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Hridayrnava Rasa, CVD, Hridroga

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Jagtap, A. D., More, M. B., & Moujkar, R. D. (2019). Role of Rasaoushadhies in Hridroga W.S.R. to Hriidayarnava Rasa. Ayurline: IJ-RIM, 3(04). Retrieved from


Hruday roga is a broad entity considered in Ayurveda, covering all cardiovascular diseases. It is leading cause of death nowadays and hence whole world is looking for effective drugs to prevent death due to CVD’s (Hrid-rog). Ayurveda / Rasashastra gives wide range of formulations which can be used effectively in Hrid-roga for its Prevention and cure. Hridayarnava Rasa is one of the widely used drug in practice. It contains Tamra Bhasma, Shuddha Parad, Shuddha Gandhak, Triphala Kwatha, Kakamachi Swarasa/Kwatha. In this formulation, drugs have properties of Lekhana and Karshana. This property is used for removal of atheroma and to prevent atherosclerosis. Drugs like these, are broadly described and used for many years in the era of Ayurveda.

Article pdf download
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