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Ayurveda, Ageing, Geriatrics, Rasayana, Vayasthapan gana Mahakashaya.

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Chandurkar, D. G. M. (2019). A REVIEW - ROLE OF VAYAHSTHAPAN GANA MAHAKASHAYA IN AGING / GERIATRICS. Ayurline: IJ-RIM, 3(04). Retrieved from http://ayurline.in/index.php/ayurline/article/view/267



Geriatrics is emerging as a main challenging specialty. Old age is an undesirable and inevitable phase of human life. Acharya Sushrut considered Jara (Aging) as natural phenomena while describing the Swabhavabalapravritta Vyadhi (naturally occurring diseases). The combination of dominant state of vata dosha and deterioration of Rasadidhatu, strotas and agni are responsible for the various degenerative changes and the process of decay in the body. In Ayurveda the concept of anti-ageing is embodied in Rasayana. Rasayana therapy helps to prevents ageing and its ill effects. It provides longevity, immunity against diseases and improves mental and intellectual competence. Various single and combination of drugs like Vayasthapana mahakashaya having Rasayana properties have been mentioned in ancient treaties which helps in overall nourishment of different dhatu. Rasayana drugs possess strong anti-oxidant activities. This activity is responsible for combating the effect of ageing, stress, diabetes and auto immune diseases. Aacharya Charaka has given unique importance to Vayasthapana Mahakashaya for maintaining vitality and managing ageing and its allied ill effects.

The purpose of this paper is to put forward and reestablish the role of Vayasthapana gana Mahakashaya drug’s in alleviating age related disorders and its uses in Geriatric health and care potential.

Article pdf download
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