Infertility – (kakvandhya - ashwagandha use)
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Inferitility, Secondary Inferitility, Kakvandhya, Ashwagandha in Infertility

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Mane, S. (2019). Infertility – (kakvandhya - ashwagandha use) . Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 3(05). Retrieved from


  Female infertility is major disorder which has altered  the mankind for lack of conception & reproducibly, stressful world, excess radiation, lack of biological food, genetically disorder, changing lifestyle, increased electronic discharge  have resulted the female infertility. Infertility cause great personal suffering & distress. Most of this agony & misery is hidden form the public graze. Infertility is in approximately 90% of couple that is male related problems account for about 30%, female related problems account another 30% in next 30% both are responsible.

Article pdf download
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