Importance of Shodhana and diet plan before and during pregnancy.
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Pregnancy, Garbha, Shodhana, Diet, Ahara

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Pregnancy and parenthood are amongst the most exciting events in the life of an individual women. In conception of pregnancy, egg (ova) and sperm cells unite to form a zygote. This zygot implant into uterus give rise to a fetus. In Ayurveda, this depends on various factors such as Ritu Kshetra Ambu Beeja Atma Manas Kaala shadbhavas. The Pancha maha bhootas and Tridoshas play a very important role in the formation of Grabha, due to their effect garbha shall obtain certain good /bad qualities. . To remove the impurities of body method of shodhana is useful. Appropriate diet (Pathya ahara vihara )of mother during pregnancy is necessary for a healthy progeny.

Article pdf download
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