Blepharitis (Krimigranthi) and its management through Ayurveda (pariseka)- A case study
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Blepharitis ,Krimigranthi,,Ayurvedic methods, Pariseka Pindi,Kriyakalpa

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Dhakate, V., & shukla, vivek. (2020). Blepharitis (Krimigranthi) and its management through Ayurveda (pariseka)- A case study. Ayurline: IJ-RIM, 4(01). Retrieved from


Introduction: Blepharitis (Krimigranthi) is one of the most common ocular conditions seen in optometric practice. Itscannot be cured but fortunately it can be controlled. Generally the diseases start slowly affecting both eyes and usually chronic with period of remission and relapse. According to Sushrut , krimigranthi is a swelling in which organism get lodged in the junction of the eyelids and eyelashes to  produce severe itching in those part. These different forms of organism move along the junction of eyelid and penetrate into shuklamandal and even into the inner structure of the eye. Aim: To study role of Ayurveda in Blepharitis with special   reference to krimigranthi. Objective: To study role of Ayurveda to reduce sign and symptoms of Blepharitis with special reference to krimigranthi in modern era.Methodology: 1) Nidanparivarjana, 2) Aahara, 3) Vihar – kriyakalpa ,trataka etc.  4) Ayurvedic remedies, 5) Procedures like Pariseka Vidalaka and Pindi etc. Results: Pariseka with Triphala kwatha to reduced sign and symptoms of Blepharitis. Conclusion- Ayurvedic therapies (Pariseka) and medicines can help in Blepharitis.

Article pdf download
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