Review of Kala Sharir with Co-Relation to Membranes.
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cell membrane
Sushrut samhita
Acharya Sushruta
Garbhavyakaran Sharir.

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Yadav, S., & Londhe, A. (2020). Review of Kala Sharir with Co-Relation to Membranes. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 4(03). Retrieved from


Anatomy is science that deal with the different  structures of human body like bones, joints , Twacha, different sense organs and kala etc. Relevant knowledge  of anatomy is very important for better understanding of diseases and their cure in form of medicinal or surgical process. Kala is unique ayurvedic concept explained by Acharaya sushruta in sushrut samhita. Acharya Sushruta  while explaining  the detailed development of body parts in Garbhavyakaran Sharir  Chapter of Sharir sthan mentioned the concepts of Kala . There are total Seven kala in body. Kala is  limiting membrane or layers in our body situated  between Dhatu and Aashaya. These are Extremely minute particles and invisible to naked eye, similar to cell. They can be understood by their functions in the body.The word kala stand for the property or a quality so these are pecial membranes in the body  which are having important role in performing body physiology . There are many layers  or membranes in the body which form an envelope over the organs. The cell membranes separating each cell from each other can be considered as Kala.

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