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Kamala, Jaundice, Virechana karma.

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Shashikant, S. L. (2021). AYURVEDIC PERSPECTIVE OF KAMALA ( JAUNDICE ). Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 5(01). https://doi.org/10.52482/ayurline.v5i01.376


Ayurveda is ancient medical science. In our ancient samhita, kamala vyadhi is briefly described. Kamala is pittaja nanatmaja as well as raktapradoshaja vyadhi. Charakacharya has considered kamala as advanced stage of panduroga. Sushrutacharya has considered kamala as a separate disease and also may be due to further complication of panduroga, whereas Vagbhatacharya described kamala as a separate disease. Kamala can be correlated with jaundice in modern medical science. In kamala vyadhi aacharyas has explained virechana karma. Modern science has limitations in treating kamala vyadhi (jaundice) but ayurvedic literature clearly explained pathology and treatment of kamala vyadhi which shows the specificity of ayurveda.  

Aim and Objective : To review the nidanpanchak, ayurvedic management of kamala vyadhi . To review the pathyapathya mentioned in kamala vyadhi .

Methodology : Text will be collected from ayurvedic samhitas ,different websites and journals will be referred.

Result : Shodhana and shamana chikitsa are effective in the management of kamala.

Discussion : In ayurveda nidan parivarjana , shamana, shodhana are the way to treat any disease hence in kamala we should  really examine causative factors and then give shamana  and shodhana chikitsa .

Article pdf download
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