Review the study of Bilva Majja with Lajambu Pan in Garbhini Chardi
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Sarth Yogaratankar Grantha, Madav Nidom, Harita Samhita.

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Dr. Bharati patil. (2020). Review the study of Bilva Majja with Lajambu Pan in Garbhini Chardi. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 4(04). Retrieved from


Vedas are main i.e. Adya Vadanymaya of all human beings. In all veda's Maharshi told us to live & how to behave in our routine life. All veda's are written by great Maharshi in Upanishada's all are giving us to how to live of behave in our life Satyam Wada, Dharmamchar with these they explain how to reproduce same human from same human beings, that is generating same type of species. In Ayurveda we say that is to maintain "Vansh Satatya". To maintain "Vansha Satatya" there is first main event is woman so at most importance should be given to woman rather than man. To become a mother is very important event for any woman. Motherhood is fulfilment of her life. Physically and mentally woman is very much sensitive. During pregnancy physical changes are seen with company of mental health. Garbhawastha and Prasava are important phases these are prakrut phases. During this physical and mental changes occur, this vikruti is found in pregnant woman as Garbhini Vhyadhi. Garbhini Chardi is one of them which will affilict the pregnant woman. Many drugs are tried on Garbhini Chardi of here we select Bilva Majja and Lajambu Pan for Garbhini Ghardi. I got referance from Yogaratnakar for Garbhini Chardi. Aim and Objective :To critically study the review of Bilva Majja tablet with Lajambu Pan with special referance to Yogratnakar Samhita.

Article pdf download
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