Efficacy of Nimbaamrutadieranda tail Nitya virechan in the management of Vatarakta- A Case study.
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Vatarakta, Nitya virechan, Akhuvisha, Shaman ,Shodhan, Nimbaamrutadi eranda taila.

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Chaudhari, M. (2020). Efficacy of Nimbaamrutadieranda tail Nitya virechan in the management of Vatarakta- A Case study. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 4(04). Retrieved from http://ayurline.in/index.php/ayurline/article/view/394


In today’s busy world, lifestyle of human being is changing rapidly in every aspect and results in various types of disorders and one of them is Vatarakta. Due to continuous faulty lifestyle accumulation of morbid elements occurs in the body and on long standing manifest as severe or uncontrollable diseases. In the past two centuries common people have been increasingly diagnosed with Vatarakta.VataRakta is the disorder where sandhi shool (pain ) is predominant symptom which disturbs day-today life of the patients. Vata-rakta is an illness where both Vata and Rakta are afflicted by distinct etiological factors. VataRakta is also known as-Khudaroga,Vata-balasa, Vatashra & Adhya vata.The chief complaint of the patient is severe joint pain with onset at Hasta, Pada, Mulagata sandhi  and then migrates to other joints in a way similar to Akhuvisha. The treatment of Vatarakta is well explained in Ayurveda including Shaman Shodhan and Rasayan karma where Virechana karma not only eliminates the vitiated pitta dosha, it also removes the sanchitamala from the raktadhatu. Thus, normal state of raktadhatu is achieved which in turn removes the aavarana of kupitavata. As per Aacharya Vagbhata Nimbaamritadi eranda tail Nitya virechana is one among the line of treatment advocated to treat kupitavata, shaman of kupitavata and sanchita mala.

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