Understanding the role of Sushrutokta Salsaradi gana in Panduroga
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Salsaradi gana, panduroga, pharmacological action

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Devhare, R. (2020). Understanding the role of Sushrutokta Salsaradi gana in Panduroga. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 4(04). Retrieved from http://ayurline.in/index.php/ayurline/article/view/395


Ayurveda is the oldest system of health care dealing with both preventive and curative aspect of life in a most comprehensive way and presents a close similarity WHO’s concept of health pronounced in the modern era. Pandu is Varnopalkshitha Vyadhi and mentioned in both Santarpanothha and Apatarpanothha vikaras, whereas Panduta is Pratyatma Lakshana and so Alparakto Alpa Medosko is also said for Pandu. This description avails the correlation of anaemia with Pandu. Iron deficiency is a disease that has similar paleness, constitutional symptoms, aetiology and pathology. Pandu and iron deficiency anaemia have been studied in parallel to facilities the better understanding of the disease. This disease was chosen for the study due to extremely high incidence. Iron deficiency is the commonest nutritional deficiency worldwide and its prevalence is highest in India. So, we are proposing the Salsaradi gana as the best choice in Santarpanothha Pandu Vyadhi. Acharya Sushruta has explain that the drugs involved in Salsaradi Gana are useful in different conditions like Prameha, kapha and meda vishoshaka, and in Panduroga. But in this article we have try to discuss about the pharmacological action of Salsaradi Gana in Pandu Vyadhi. These drugs possess predominance of Kashaya rasa, Katu Vipaka, Sheeta veerya and Ruksha-Laghu guna. Thus, help to reduce the lakshanas of panduroga.

Article pdf download
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