A critical literary review on Dravyas (herbal drugs) acting on Mutravah Strotas in Ayurveda


International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine



Ashmarighna dravya, Mutrasangrahaneeya dravya, Mutravirajaneeya dravya, Mutravirechaneeya dravya, urinary system, herbs

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Mishra, B., Rathi, M., Landge, S., & Mishra, A. (2017). A critical literary review on Dravyas (herbal drugs) acting on Mutravah Strotas in Ayurveda. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 1(02). https://doi.org/10.52482/ayurline.v1i02.61


Ayurveda has given prime importance to Mutravaha srotas (urinary system) and Srotogata Vikaras (urinary disorders). Being a system responsible for homeostasis of fluids in the body , it also detoxifies the body by eliminating certain waste products through urine. When diseased, people produce symptoms such as increased or decreased urine production, painful micturation, formation of stones, and thereby obstructed micturation, increased frequency of micturation, and so on. There are many herbs with varied actions specifically aimed at mitigating urinary system disorders. Drugs such as Jambu(Eugenia jumbolana), Amrasthi(Mangifera indica), and the like, reduce the increased flow of urine, and hence, are considered as Mutrasangrahaneeya, whereas, drugs like Ikshu(Saccharum officinarum Linn.), Kustha(Sassurea lappa), and so on, increase the flow of urine, and hence, are considered as Mutravirechaneeya. There are drugs like Padma(Prunus cyrasoidus),Utpala, and so on, which impart normal color to the urine and are known as Mutravirajaneeya dravyas. Asmarighna dravyas break down the calculi and remove them through the urine. These dravyas, when used under proper direction, help in relieving the pain and apathy caused by the disease.


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