Bio enhancing processes in pharmaceutics of Rasashastra: a critique


  • Sushma Damuji Dongre Assistant Professor
  • Dilip Wadodkar Dr.


Bioavailability, Shodhana, Marana, Bhavana Amrutikarana, Drug   potency,  Bioavailability


Rasashastra has always been a treasure for Ayurveda due to its formulations called Rasaushadhies which assures fast recovery of patients as compared to plant-based medicine. These Herbo-mineral formulations have exclusive drug delivery system due its ingredients and distinctive pharmaceutical processing which increases its bioavailability in a substantial way. Pharmaceutical processing of Ayurvedic formulations needs to be observed in very critical way as assigned in classical text of Ayurveda. However due to increasing competition and commercialization   among pharmaceutical companies very short cut processing techniques are followed which ultimately hamper the quality of medicine. There are various bio enhancing process followed in Rasashastra such as Shodhana (Purification), Marana (Incineration), Bhavana (Trituration),Amrutikarana (Nectarization) etc. which eventually change the drug into micro fine form so that it is easily bioavailable in blood. . Hence present review is intended to discuss bio enhancing aspects of these processes.

 The traditional wisdom of Ayurveda could have immense utility in enhancing the bioavailability of allopathic drugs. The bio-enhancement leads to the reduction in therapeutic dose of the principal drug, thus reducing the possibilities of toxicity and side effects of the drug, potentiating the efficacy, reducing the resistance, decreasing the requirement of raw material for drug manufacture and ultimately benefitting to the world economy by reducing the treatment cost. The standard operations of the pharmaceutical process such as Shodhana, Bhavana, Marana, Amritikarana etc. need to observe keenly so that optimum quality of medicine is achieved. So the people involved in pharmaceutical sector should not shortcut these authentic techniques of medicinal preparations.


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Dilip Wadodkar, Dr.

Professor, Dept.of Rasashastra, Govt. Ayurved College, Osmanabad




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