The role of Agni in etiopathogenesis of Madhumeha (D.M.)


  • Apurwa Pardeshi
  • Sanjay Aanandrao Pawade
  • Rajiv Mundane


Agni, Madhumeha, Dosha, Life style


Background: Agni is the get keeper of life. It is bodily digestive fire responsible for wholesomeness of entire human composition. There are 13 types of Agni in the Body(Jatharagni-Saptadhatwagni-panchabhutagni) balanced in the whole body. The nidansevan of Madhumeha is directly responsible for Jatharagnimandya. This vikrut Jatharagni causes improper processing of Dhatus (Apachit Dhatuutpatti). In MadhumehaKledakKapha is main vitiated dosha.

Objectives: To Study the Etiopathogenesis of Agni in Madhumeha(D.M)

Methods: The current study is based on Ancient Ayurveda Grantha’s& peer reviewed journals.

Result: The study showing that Agni is a only responsible factor for vitiation of doshas&pramehautpatti

Conclusion: Agni is involved in the Etiopathogenesis of Madhumeha therefore attempt should be made to follow the regimen related with aaharvihar (Life style) & to prevent Madhumehavyadhi.


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