Study of gudabhramsha with special reference to rectal prolapse: a review


  • Sneha Jagdale
  • Suryakant D. Waghmare


Gudabhramsha, Rectal prolapse, Gophana Bandha.


Guda means anus /rectum. Bhramsha refers to dislocation or dislodge, moved away from its main site. In Ayurvedic Samhita ‘Gudabhramsha’ is described to be formed because of vitiated VataDosha where rectum comes out during defecation partially or totally. Sometimes it goes back automatically or sometimes patient has to do it manually. Treatments described in Ayurvedic epics are, after Snehana and Swedana pushing of prolapse rectum inside. ´Mahatpanchamulaaantravarjitmushaksiddhataila´ for internal and external Snehana etc. surgery is advised if this measure fails. Gudabhramsha has similar feature to that of rectal prolapse described in modern medical science. Generally a rectal prolapse can be reduced with gentle digital pressure. Although no medical treatment is available for rectal prolapse, internal prolapse should always first treated medically with bulking agents, stool softeners and suppositories or enemas and surgeries. In this review article efforts have made to analyze description of Gudabhramsha in Ayurvedic Epics, nonsurgical treatment of rectal prolapse for bypass of surgical and anesthetic complications.


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