Diabetes and depression: an incomprehensible relationship


  • Aarti Agarwal
  • Rajiv Mundane
  • Shrikant Pathade


diabetes, depression.


Background. Diabetes may increase the risk of Depression due to lifestyle changes and its many complications. Depression is also adherent with certain unhealthy behaviours showing smoking, physical inactivity and hyper caloric diets which act as risk factors for the development of diabetes.

Objective.To determine an incomprehensible relationship of Diabetes and Depression.

Methods. The study is reviewed through various classical textbook (Samhitas) and information collected from other books in fields of Ayurveda and Modern studies.

Results.Diagnosis of DM is strongly associated with an increased risk of depression.

Conclusion.Both the conditions had same biological and behavioural mechanisms,henceforth, both had to be managed together.


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