The role of tiktakshir basti in the management of janu sandhighatvat with special referance to sever osteo-arthosis of knee”


  • Pradnya Subhash Jamdhade/Gurde pradnya


Janusandhighatvata, TiktakshirBasti, Panchakarma


Diseases and suffering are continuously posing challenges before making and medical personalities taking untiring pains and efforts to find out solution for the same. Arthritis one of the critical and fast growing problem in society which have no complete and fruitful cure in different medical faculties.

            I come across several and severe patients of Arthritis which have no satisfactory results even they took therapies from different specialist. Super specialist and Rheumatologist from different Pathies from 2 to 10 years.With the quotation from classical Ayurvedic texts. I treat Janusandhighatvata (Osteoarthosis) by Panchakarma therapy.

Randomly selected Pts. Above 40 years of Janusandhighatvata (OA) divided into two groups.Group A and 2. Group B i.e. TiktakshirBasti with Oral Medication and only oral medication.Pts. Suffering from D.M., T.B. Ca. severe anemia, are excluded from this study.In group –A 96% pts showed relief after receiving Panchakarma with oral medication and in group B 88% Pt. got relief after receiving only Panchakarma Therapy.


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