Effect of Panchavalkala Taila in the management of Paripluta Yonivyapad: A Single Case Study


  • Anjali Pawar
  • Jayashree Deshmukh


Paripluta , Pelvic inflammatory disease ,Panchavalkala taila


Twenty types of yonivyapad mentioned as the major cause of diseases of the female reproductive tract. Paripluta is one of them which can be correlated with pelvic inflammatory diseases. Nowadays pelvic inflammatory disease ( PID ) is burning problem . if it goes untreated, it causes scarring around inflamed organs, which leads to infertility, pelvic pain, blocked fallopian tubes due to this ectopic pregnancy etc.accourding to modern medicine antimicrobials, analgesics, NSAID s are used in the treatment of PID. But there are many side effects such as gastrointestinal disturbances, dizziness, due to analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs. Hence this attempt is made for the safe and curative remedy in the form of Panchavalkala Taila for Paripluta Yonivyapad


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