Yogasana in management of diabetes mellitus-2- A Critical Review


  • Ravindra Lalchand Yadav
  • Deepa R. Kale


Yoga, Diabetes Mellitus-2, Asana


Background: -Yoga is group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or discipline which originated in ancient India. In today’s world, lifestyle has been changed, lack of regular exercise, eating of junk food or fast food, etc. give rise to many lifestyle disorders. Diabetes mellitus 2 is one of them. In diabetes mellitus 2 cells of pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin or cell can’t use the insulin. Hence with the help of asanas management of Diabetes Mellitus2 can be effectively helpful. Objectives:-Objective is to study the Yogasana in the management of DM2. 

Methods: -Literature review, databases, Ayurvedic and Yoga classical texts were reviewed with focus to assess relation between Yogasana and Diabetes Mellitus2. 

Results: -Studies state that Yogasana helps to decrease blood glucose level and increase utilization and metabolisation of glucose in peripheral tissues by regeneration/rejuvenation of cells of pancreas.

Conclusion: So in this study, it can be concluded that we can use Yogasana in the day to day practice as effective management in DM2.


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Author Biography

Deepa R. Kale

HOD & Professor Kriya Sharir Dept., YMT Ayurved college & Hospital, Kharghar, Navi   Mumbai.


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