The Study of The Efficacy of ‘Basti’ in Swastha and Rugna in Vasrsharutu


  • Saguna Nilkanth Thakare Muhs Nashik


Basti, Vata, Kalabasti, Anuvasanbasti, Varsharutu


Ayurvedic texts have previously described the sequence of healthy life style and the development of various diseases due to changes in lifestyle. With reference to the Dinacharya and Rutucharya the norms of daily routine in present situation are quite contradictory. However as the days are passing by, with lack of time and changed mentality, we are neglecting the daily regime and seasonal internal protection as stated by Charaka and other Purvacharya in ancient classics thus making our lives more miserable. Mithya Ahara like Sheeta, Ruksha Aharasevana, Alpashana, Adhyashana, Ajeernashana, Langhana, Mithya vihara like Ratrijagaran, Vegavidharana, Atyasana, Ativyayama, etc. and Pradnyaparadha are the main etiological factors adding to the Rutujanya Vatadosha leading to Vataprakop in Swastha and patients also2. In healthy individuals, the provocated Doshas are purified in respective seasons such as management of Vata Dosha with Basti in Varsha Rutu (July, August) the management of Pitta Dosha with Virechana or Raktamokshan in Sharad Rutu (Sept., Oct.) and management of Kapha Dosha with Vamana or Nasya Karma in Vasanta ratu (March, April)3. If a Vata Prakruti person undergoes the Bastikarma in Varsharutu, he will not get any sort of Vatavyadhis in that year because it purifies the body and acts as Brimhana (anabolic property), nourishes all the tissues and enhances the non-specific immunity against all diseases. Basti is useful not only in Vata Vyadhis but also in Pitta, Kapha, Rakta, Samsarga and Sannipata Vyadhis4.So to prove the effect of Basti in Varsha Rutujanya Vataprakopa, this study has been taken.


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