Study the Efficacy of Shatavaryadi Churna and Goghrut Tarpan in the Management of computer vision syndrome


  • Sagar Babasaheb Ghalme
  • B. V. Andhalkar


computer vision syndrome, Tarpana Kriyakalpa, santarpana


The prolonged use of digital devices has contributed to an increase of ‘computer-related’ ocular symptoms called computer vision syndrome (CVS), also known as digital eye fatigue. Research has found that around 75% of the population working in front of a screen for 6–9 hours daily complain of some ocular discomfort[1]. Office-based studies have shown the prevalence of CVS to be higher in women than men, but similar between the contact lens and spectacle wearers. CVS broadly relates to ocular discomfort associated with prolonged computer use, but the time spent using screens, especially handheld devices, is increasing inexorably in our day-to-day activities, and avoiding screen use is not a possibility for many people. Acharya Vagbatta has indicated cooling and rejuvenating therapies for eyes affected by bright light, high-voltage electric spark, and heat exposure. This phenomenon is also close to the etiopathology of CVS. So, local therapy in the form of Tarpana Kriyakalpa and systemic santarpana (anabolic nutritional supplement) with Shatavaryaadi Churna has been studied in the management of CVS. It shows a significant effect on computer vision syndrome.


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Author Biography

B. V. Andhalkar

HOD and Guide, Dept. of Shalakyatantra, PMT's Ayurved College Shevgaon, Dist. Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India


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