Rehabilitation in Falij (paralysis) with Dalak (massage) and Riyazat(exercise)


  • Aliya Parveen
  • Mohd Saqlain


Falij, Dalk, Riyazat


Falij in Unani system of medicine is been used for weakness of muscles or Hemiplegia. Unani scholars, adverted ahtebaa s(obstruction) in the pathway of roohe muharrika (motor pnuema) & roohe hassassa(sensory pneuma) being the pathology behind Falij. The obstruction  may be due to sudda (obstruction in brain vessels),inflammation or injury of nerves, change in the temperament of organ or excess of baroodat (cold)& ratoobat (wet).In Unani system of medicine regimens like dalak, riyazat, hammam, cupping etc. have shown their great effect in the management of Falij and prevention from permanent disabilities. Out of all Unani regimens, dalk & riyazat both help in dissolving the fuzlat (waste), liquefies ratoobat, produces hararat, increases the blood circulation in the affected part, relieves pain and strengthen the muscles. Unani physicians advised to use hot oils like roghane qust,surkh,nawein,arand etc. for Dalk to stimulate the innate heat. Dalk also strengthen ligaments, relieves stress, increase the atrophied muscles mass, and hence improves the sensory impairments. Whereas Riyazat along with strengthening the muscles also strengthens the nerves, tendons, improves the flexibility& integrity of joints. It reduces the spasticity of muscles, improves postural control & balancing, and hence improves the motor impairments. This article will help to understand the readers, how paralyzed muscles respond to Dalk and Riyazat and how we can use these regimens in the patients of hemiplegia or other paralyzed persons to make their life better.


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