An Ayurvedic Review Of Granthi with Special Reference To Uterine Fibroid.


  • Sachin Tejrao Kate


Uterine fibroids, Granthi, Samprapti Bhanga.


Uterine fibroids i.e leiomyoma are common benign smooth muscle tumors of the uters. It can cause significant morbidity in women of a reproductive life span and adversely impact fertility.  Uterine fibroids are clinically apparent in up to 25% of female population over the age of 35-39. The most likely presentation of fibroids is by their effect on the woman’s menstrual cycle or pelvic pressure symptoms. The postmenopausal incidence of leiomyomas was no lower than the prmenopausal incidence, although postmenopausal leiomyomas were smaller and fewer.The management of uterine fibroids can be approached medically, surgically and even by minimal access techniques.  The main goal of Ayurvedic management is Samprapti Bhanga  of Granthi.


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