The properties and effect of Yava [Barley]-A literary review article


  • Sushama R. Khirodkar
  • Yashwant R. Patil
  • Arun Wankhede


Prameha,Yava, food, hypoglycemic, fibres diet


Ayurveda have a unique concept regarding disease specific dietary measures. Acharya Kashyap has quoted that there is no medicine like food. Only a balanced diet can cure numerous disorders, even good medicines are unable to cure certain diseases without balanced diet, that’s why food is said to be most important medicine. According to Acharya Charaka yava is the mentioned as a specific diet in prameha. Barley contains more dietary fibers that too the soluble fiber beta glucon. When this soluble fiber is taken with a meal increases the viscosity of meal bolus once it has reached the small intestine, where the absorption of nutrients occurs. This high viscosity delays the absorption. Due to delay in the absorption there will be no sudden fluctuations of blood sugar.


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