A Review Study of Nidanpanchaka of Manas Vikara In Ayurveda With Special Reference to Atatvabhinivesha


  • Priyanka Salve


Pradynaparadha, Atatvabhinivesha, Ashtomahagada, Grahachikitsa


Ayurveda being a science of life,encompasses the mind,body and soul within Health.Vikara is an unhealthy state of the body.According to Ayurveda, Vikara are classified as sharira and Manas vikara.Route cause of any type of vikara is Pradnyaparadha.In present scenario these manasa vikara are increasing day by day. Atatvabhinivesha is mentioned as a type of one of the Manas Vikara in which perception of the things goes wrong.It happens due to increase in manodosha i.e. Raja and tamo dosha.Ancient aacharya included it in Ashtomahagada. Out of the eight branches of Ayurveda(Ashtang Ayurveda) ,Graha Chikitsa is releated to Manas Vikara. Ayurvedic Medicine is the oldest medicine system which sees each individual as having unique Body-Mind constitution. Ayurveda is becoming increasingly popular in Manas Vikara in volving Medicine,Yoga, Diet, Panchakarma and regulation of life style.


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