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Avarak, Avarana, Avarutta, Cellulitis , Raktavrita vata.

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Apurva Pathak, & Archana Kulkarni. (2021). THE LITERARY STUDY OF RAKTAVRITA VATA W.S.R TO CELLULITIS. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 5(03).


Ayurveda consider that the body is controlled by three fundamental factors called tridosha. They are the pillar of the body. They all in equilibrium perform their normal functions by which the body is sustained free from diseases. Any disturbance to their balance state leads to disease. Among these three dosha , vata has very much significance. It plays a key role behind maintenance of body in normal healthy state. Vata is strongest of all dosha and it causes large number of diseases if get vitiated.

Avarana is one of the least understood concepts among the basic mechanism of ayurvedic fundamentals. Avaran plays an important part in understanding the samprapti of many diseases. In any type of avarna there are two components one is Avrutt dosha , the dosha whose function get affected by obstruction or covering and the second component is the Avarak which causing avarana of peculiar dosha. Acharyas have explained many avarana and its sign and symptoms will give clue to the diagnosis of avarana. The increased sign and symptoms will suggest the avaraka and decreased sign and symptoms suggest avarutta. Once the diagnosis confirmed then the treatment can be initiated. This study aims to observe correlation between lakshanani of raktavrita vata and Cellulitis. It can be concluded that the most of symptoms of cellulitis are found similar to raktavrita vata.
Article pdf download
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