The Samprapti Vightan Of Atisthaulya With Special Reference To Obesity Reversal.

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Kanchan Shahu
Pramod Garje
Jaikrishna Chhangani


 Obesity is a condition in which body has excessive fat stored in the body. Earlier it was considered  as cosmetic concern and social stigma but later on scientific studies and researches have proved it a medical problem which can increase the risk of other disease like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and certain cancer of esophagus ,colon,rectum,endometrium , breast ,renal and many more. From few decades the percentage of obesity has increased which is alarm for all of us to take this medical problem seriously .

Obesity is caused due to multiple factors like unhealthy diet ,no physical activity, genetic issues,hormonal imbalance ,etc .Its a life style disorder and this condition can be reversed by adopting proper health regimen, including physical activites ,in some cases one may need medication and surgical assistance.

 Obesity can  be reversed by adopting the proper daily regimen life, dietry regimen that is Ahara Vidhi and in some cases by medication and panchkarma. The concept of obesity can be compared with sthaulya of ayuerveda , we can reverse the condition of obesity by breaking the chain of pathophysiology that is samprapti vighatan of disease. The aim of this article is to understand the samprapti of obesity and to reverse the condition by finding the cause and by doing vighatan of its samprapti.


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