Conceptual Study Of PCOD And Agni Dushti According To Ayurveda

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Ratna Gadgil
Vinodini V. Payghan


In Indian subcontinent Women of reproductive age are facing various disorders associated with reproductive system. The most common disorder which is considered as the fastest growing endocrinal disorder is PCOD.  According to Ayurvedic Samprativigyan PCOD falls into the categary of Yonivyapad.Malfunctioning of Dhatus lead to impaired hormonal system which further leads to imbalance of reproductive system.Ayurveda describes six main body components which are responsible for manifestation of a disease i.e. VyadhiGhatak namely Dosha, Dhatus ,Mala, Agni, Strotas and Aam.  Whenever any of these components getsviciated state of normalcy of body is lost and etiology and pathogenesis leads to diseaes.


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