To study the effect of Atasi Pana in Kafaja Kasa


  • Satish Shirsath
  • Anjali Kasar
  • Pramod Kalos


Kafaj Kasa, Atasi Pan15, Sthivan, Bahul Kasa.


In this time of Pandemic, various symptoms seen regarding respiratory system. One of dominant symptom is excessive, chronic coughing with excessive expectoration. We thought of “Atasi Pan” a traditional therapy for relief from coughing & its related problems like excessive expectoration, chest and throat pain, heaviness in chest, etc. In this time, Dushita Vayu  gives rise to various respiratory problems one of those is Kasa. And we are dealing with Kafaja Kasa.Kafaj Kasa shows various symptoms like Mandagini,  Kled, etc. Kafa nishthivan (Bahul/Madhur/Snighd/Ghan), Vaksha Ruja Sampurnam.Atasi Pan is used from the ref. of Bhavprakash Raj Nighantu, Chardik & Sushrut Samhita.We also referred Madhavnidan and Dhanvantari Nighantu.Atasi beej are used in the form of Pan. Atasi beja approx 10 gm were taken and dry fried on low heat until they crackle. 150 ml (1 glass full) water added to them,1 pinch Lavana added to the Pan. It is boiled until it gets slippery, jelly like. Approx 120 ml obtained. This Atasi Pan15was given to patients 2 tsb (approx 20ml) twice after meals for 3 days.Observations listed according to data given by patients. As Atasi beej itself is Ushna tikshna gunatmaka, Ushna Virya, Katu Vipak, Mala Vrudhikar, Vataghni, so, it removes obstacles in the form of Styan kafa from prana and a Pan vayu’s natural way of working.  Lavana liquefies the kafa and breakdown it. It expels out the liquefied cough through easiest way i.e. oral cavity - through expectoration or anal end - through purish mala.


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