Principles of Ayurvedic Psychiatry in Caraka Samhita: Review article

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Ranjana Pandey
S.K. Chaturvedi
Umesh Shukla


Abstract: Ayurveda is only medical science which is known as science of life (ayu).The concept of hitaayu, ahitaayu, sukhaayu and dukhaayu refers its unique wholesome approach for healthy life of a person It focuses not only personal physical health but also gives more emphasis on mental health. Caraka Samhitacovers all the aspects of life like personal (both physical and mental values), social, occupational, emotional, and spiritual values with its principles of ahaar, vihaar, achaar, indriyopkramniya and sadvritta. It describes a general healthy and universal outlook especially for mental health with the help of its philosophical approach of both mind and body. This article assembles basic principles of Caraka Samhita related to ayurvedic psychiatry.


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