Ayurvedic Management of Chronic Kidney Disease –A Case Study


  • Anagha suresh Gadge 25/05/1995
  • Dr .Suryaprakash k Jaiswal Guide & Professor
  • Dr Subhash Jamdhade Associate Professor & HOD


chronic kidney disease,punarnavasav,chandraprabhavati,kwath,churna


The term chronic Renal Failure applies to the process of continuing  significant irreversible reduction in nephron number .In present scenario the cost of dialysis can’t be  afforded by every  patient &understanding  this by means of principle explained in Ayurveda is necessary to manage the disease &make the patient comfortable to perform his daily routine .CKD patients treated with Ayurved may Prolong Dialysis or reduce its frequency ,it also maintains the stage without further damage .Various Receipes of Ayurveda are reported to be effective for CRF kidney failure &goal is to provide with better drug formula .

             In this study ,punarnava Guggul,Chandraprabha Vati , Punarnavasa ,Gandharav haritki Churna are found to be quite effective in management of Chronic Renal Failure.Here we are Reporting case of ckd of a 32years female patient who was given some Ayurvedic preparations.


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