The Effect of Panchkol Churna on Kaphaj Stanya Dusti


  • Dr. Ashok More Smt. KGMP Ayurved Mahavidyalaya


Nourishment, natural gift, low in solute load, nector, kaphaj Stanya ,a malnourished babies, Agnimandya ,The stressful, modern lifestyle, Panchcol


In ancient times, just like in sheer samudramanthan was done, extract of all medicines were taken, known as Amrut (nectar). By which the gods became immortal after drinking it.

Similarly, in all medicines, Extract of milk comes out of the breasts and is also like Amrut (nectar) in Humans, animals etc. (milk is the essence of many types of medicine)

Breast milk is richer in carbohydrates, qualitatively superior in proteins and minerals, and is low in solute load. It is thus easily digestible. So milk is considered as life for a small child.

  • Milk is easy to digest and is the only favorable diet for children. Also, people who drink milk regularly do not get diseases.
  • Milk is the first and only natural food for every animal after birth. Therefore, all types of milk should be consumed.

 but the kaphaj Stanya spoil the basic nature of breast milk. It causes further developmental defects in malnourished babies; Mother’s Agnimandya develops digestive disorders causing dusti kapha to affect the baby also. The stressful, modern lifestyle, and health complaints affect the feeding mothers’ quality of milk (Stanya). The impulses are seen in the mother and baby. Rather than treating babies with doses of medicine. Doctors can reach the origin of the problem. This disease may be Mother’s wrong attendance to the baby. Breast milk can be brought to digestive form. Panchcol churna is a pain relief for mothers and a supplement supplier for babies. It will help to make the motherhood happy process.


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