Effect of Sindhuradya taila on Vicharchika-A case study.


  • M. Prathyusha
  • Ch. Sridurga G.
  • Ramesh Babu


Vicharchika,  kshudra kushta,  atopic dermatitis,  eczema,  Ayurvedic management.


Background: Vicharchika can be compared with the Eczema of contemporary science. The term Eczema  (Dermatitis) refers to inflammation of the skin. Eczema manifests as erythema, vesiculation &oozing in the acute stage,  scaling and crusting in the subacute stage and lichenification  (hyperpigmentation,  accentuation of skin marking &thickening of skin ) in the chronic stage. The exact cause of eczema is unknown. According to Ayurveda the signs and symptoms of eczema can be correlated with Vicharchika which is one type of Kshudra kushta. The symptoms of Vicharchika are kandu  (itching),  pidaka  (eruptions) ,  shyavata  (blackish discolouration),  bahu srava  (discharge) ,  raji  (lines) . AIM: To study the effect of Sindhuradya  taila in the management of Vicharchika. METHODOLOGY: The present study deals with a 33 years old male patient having complaints of blackish discolouration, and itching over bilateral upper and lower limbs and thorax for 8 years. There was lichenification on bilateral lower limbs, it was in a chronic stage of eczema. RESULT: At the end of treatment significant improvement was seen in signs & symptoms. Criteria were assessed before and after the treatment which showed significant improvement. CONCLUSION: Sindhuradya taila was found to be effective in the management of eczema.


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M. Prathyusha



Ch. Sridurga G.



Ramesh Babu





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