Yog Tantrayukti – The Framework of Literature

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Vd. Manasi Raghavendra Mutalik
Vd. Ganesh S. Puradkar


Ayurveda has always given equal importance to the research factor along with the application of existing knowledge for the betterment of society. Each and every classical text is constructed very meticulously, logically and scientifically. As these treatises are in the form of shloks, literal meaning or translation of the text leads to misinterpreting, omitting, and missing of a great deal of knowledge. Hence for the further and complete elaboration and explanation of any treatise, tools are required. These are the same tools which have been used by Acharyas during the construction of these treatises. Tantrayukti is one such essential tool. Without the thorough understanding and appropriate application of Tantrayukti it is impossible for a person to gain accurate and intended knowledge from the Samhitas. Yog Tantrayukti is one such Tantrayukti out of the 40 mentioned by various Acharyas. It is a widely and very commonly used Tantrayukti. Along with the use during reading of Shastra, Yog Tantrayukti also plays a vital role in the field of research.


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Mutalik, . V. M. R., & Puradkar, V. G. S. (2023). Yog Tantrayukti – The Framework of Literature. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 7(3). Retrieved from https://ayurline.in/index.php/ayurline/article/view/745
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Vd. Manasi Raghavendra Mutalik, Ayurveda (AM, Sion)

M.D. Scholar, Department of Ayurved Samhita and Siddhant

Vd. Ganesh S. Puradkar

Associate Professor, Department of Ayurved Samhita and Siddhant