Sutika Paricharya Boon to Postnatal Care: A Literature Review

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Pharate Sonali Balasaheb
Deshmukh Pradnya Prataprao
Aoughade Agatrao Shivaji


Woman undergoes various phases in her life. Post Natal Care refers to as Sutika Paricharya in Ayurvedic texts and Sutika is the phase of the woman which starts immediately after the delivery of a baby followed by expulsion of placenta. Acharya Kashyapa narrating stage of prasava says that mother’s one foot is situated in this loka and other in Yama loka. Ayurveda emphasizes much importance of the care of women especially in the prenatal (Garbhini Avastha) and postnatal period (Sutika Avastha). Sutika Paricharya as mentioned in classics emphasises on appropriate diet and regimen that should be followed by woman in postnatal period which helps restore her health and revert to normal pre pregnant state.Mother requires and deserves a great of support,care and nourishment to heal her body after delivery of fetus and placenta. There are many complications arise immediately following delivery. Not only in developing countries but also in developed countries there are many women neglecting proper care after delivery. The main modalities of sutika paricharya is Garbhashaya Shodhana, Healing of Dhatukshaya avastha are completely established. A stage of Physical, mental and physiological wellbeing is restabilized.So, this present study has been selected to review Sutika-Paricharya and its clinical importance.




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Pharate Sonali Balasaheb, PG scholar under MUHS Nashik



Deshmukh Pradnya Prataprao



Aoughade Agatrao Shivaji