Ayurvedic review on amlapitta


  • Shivaji Kagade


Amlapitta, Ahara- Vihara Chikitsa, life style.


Amlapitta is a disease with a lifestyle component that affects people all over the world. It is also a disorder brought on by the environment, an irregular food, and psychological and physiological surveillance. Amlapitta is thus a widespread illness in the modern period. As the world becomes more urbanized, life moves much more quickly and standards are rising. When pitta is vitiated, it consumes foods and beverages that are incompatible, rotten, and exceedingly sour, which might elevate the drava and amla gunas of pitta. Three Doshas are thought to be involved in amlapitta, according to Aacharya Kashyapa, whereas the primary Dosha in this illness, according to Madhavkara, is pitta. Acharya Charaka only listed Amlapitta as a symptom, not as a distinct illness. Additionally, they listed amlapitta in Granhi as one of its Lakshana (symptoms), which is intermittent loose stools followed by constipation. Samprapti of Amlapitta is explicitly addressed in Grahani chikitsa adhyay when discussing samprapti of Grahani Dosha. Various acharyas have discussed amlapitta in different ways with all nidan panchak of this ailment. Shodhana, shamana chikitsa, and nidana parivarjana are the core tenets of treatment. For the dosha urdhva gati and adho gati, as well as the pathaya-pathaya of amalpitta, Vamana and Virechana are stated.


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