Evaluation of the efficacy of Tuttha Lepa in the treatment of Indralupta.


  • Dinesh Panchbhai a:1:{s:5:"en_US";s:10:"KDMG'S AMC";}


Tuttha, Indralupta, Khanija Visha, Alopecia areata, Lekhana, Bhedi, Kapha-Rakta Avarodh.


Any substance in the Universe can be used as aushadha according to the Roga, Rugna, Dosha, vaya, Hetu etc. So, visha dravyas also are used in treatment of many diseases by Acharyas. Indralupta is a very common skin disease included in kshudra roga according to Ayurveda. One in 100 new cases of dermatology is diagnosed as Alopecia areata (Prevalence rate is 1% in India). It has very less remedies in modern medicine and proved partially successful. Tuttha (Sasyaka) is a Khanija visha dravya, which is Maharasa according to Rasashastra. Tuttha Kushtha (Skin diseases) and Shwitra nashaka. According to signs and symptoms Indralupta is a skin disease. In this trial Shuddha Tuttha was used as Lepa in 30 cases of Indralupta also, Green pigmented glycerine was used as placebo in 30 patients. The subjective criteria Tingling sensation at the lesion site was found in 33.33% patients and improved significantly in Group A, (p=0.02). Pain sensation was improved slightly but not significantly (p>0.05). Surface area of the lesion was selected as the objective criterion and it was improved significantly in group A (Z=3.16). 30% patients in group A had moderate to marked relief and 80% patients from group B had no relief. It is because Tuttha is lekhana and bhedi so, its local application causes lekhana karma at the place of application that causes removal of Kapha and Rakta avarodh at that place. Which causes increased hairs at the place.


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