To evaluate the efficacy of Brahmi Ghrita in the management of Vishada (depression)

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Pravin Mali


Depressed mood, helplessness, worthlessness and hopelessness were the symptoms present in more than 95% of the subjects. 33 subjects displaying the symptoms of Vishada (Depression) within the inclusion criteria were included in the study. Subjects with suicidal tendencies, other psychiatric disorders, major depressive disorders, and pregnant women were excluded. A dose of 6 grams of Brahmi  Ghrita was given twice a day. The effect of the therapy was assessed using Hamilton’s Depression Rating Scale, and Self prepared. Rating Scale of Vishada, based on the scoring achieved by the subject before and after treatment. The result of the study can be summarized as follows - the overall effect of the therapy proves that after thirty days of treatment many symptoms of depression decrease in magnitude, with statistical significance. The drugs present in Brahmi  Ghrita are Srotoshodhaka  and medhya (purify the channels of the body and improves intellectual ability), Vatanulomaka ( corrects the direction of the flow of vata), Vatahara (reduce the level of Vata present in the body), and stimulant in nature. These properties inherently remove the avarana of Kapha and act on Vata. At this juncture, we can conclude that Brahmi  Ghrita has good results in managing Vishada (Depression), within thirty days of treatment.


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Mali, P. (2021). To evaluate the efficacy of Brahmi Ghrita in the management of Vishada (depression). Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 5(03).
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