Role of Dashmool Taila Janubasti in Janu Sandhigat vata

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Pravin Mali



Due to sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise oseto-artritis i.e sandhigat vata is common in productive age group Sandhigata vata is a common vata predominant disorder. It begins asymptomatically in 2nd & 3rd decade . 90% of all people have radiographic features in the weight-bearing joints mainly the knee joint by the age of 40. In Sandhigata vata mostly janusandhi and some other major joints i.e.hip, knee, shoulder, etc. are involved. Out of these janu sandhi is commonly involved since it is weight-bearing joint and improper habit of standing and walking. Janu Sandhigata vata is caused by 2 factors i.e. a)Avarana janya and b)Dhatu kshaya janya. In this trial dhatukshaya janya Sandhigata vata was taken ,which is also known as nirupstambhit janu Sandhigata vata i.e osteoarthritis). To overcome this problem patients take regularly take  NSAIDs, analgesic drugs, and steroids to relive the pain, but do not achieve good health. As there is no cure or ideal conservative management for this disease, this study definitely have good clinical results over modern medicine.


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