Rasayana karma of poisonous Bhallataka: A Review

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Dr. Supriya Shende Shende


Rasayan is a branch of the Ayurveda. Charaka had described fulfilling the aim of the Ayurveda i.e., drugs act by preventing old age and diseases in the healthy person. Charaka stated about two types of medicine, one which promotes resistance to the body and another which cures diseases and Rasayan therapy play a key role in achieving these goals The main aim of Rasayan therapy is to promote the formation of or resistance which in modern terminology can be called as promoting the strength of the immune system. Bhallataka, a medicinal drug has the ability to penetrate deeply into the tissues and rejuvenate the body that’s why it was used to hold in high esteem by ancient sages of Ayurveda. Maharshi Charak emphasized the Rasayana property of Bhallataka and described ten types of preparations with it. He considered bhallataka as the best drug to cure the kaphaj vyadhi. Charak has categorized Bhallataka as Dipaniya -an appetizer, Bhedaniya- to break accumulated doshas, mutra sangrahaniya- antidiuretic, and Kusthaghna -antidermatosis. In the present study, review of the drugs had been made from Ayurveda classics. Because it is important to have an awareness regarding the Poisonous drugs, when used in the proper form & prescribed dose they act as a potent therapeutic agent. It is a fact that virtually any substance can be harmful at high enough concentrations as rightly quoted that “All substances are poisons; there is none which is not a poison. The right dose differentiates a poison from a remedy.”


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