An ayurvedic review of garbhini pandu with special reference to anaemia in pregnancy.


  • Sachin Tejrao Kate


Pandu, Haemoglobin, Garbhopdrava, Anemia in pregnancy.


Anemia is one of the frequent complications related to pregnancy. Normal physiologic changes in pregnancy affect the haemoglobin. Anemia is the condition in which percentage of Haemoglobin decreases. Decrease in amount of red blood cells which produces similar sign and symptoms as Pandu. According to WHO, prevalence rate is 40-80%.

            In today’s competitive life, women are unable to follow Ayurvedic way of life and proper diet in pregnancy. Due to ApathyakarAahar-Vihar , abnormal Rasa Dhatu gets formed. It causes UttarottarDhatunirmiti Hani or Vikrut Dhatu Utpatti and all this leads in pathogenesis of GARBHINI PANDU.

So, one has to study and treat ‘Garbhini Pandu’.


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