Rajayakshma: Ayurvedic classical literature review.


International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine

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Rajayakshma, Nidana, Samprapti, Ayurveda Treatment, Management of Rajayakshma in Ayurveda

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Shirke, V. (2021). Rajayakshma: Ayurvedic classical literature review. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 5(03). https://doi.org/10.52482/ayurline.v5i03.551


Rajayakshma is a group of diseases that gets manifested with the vitiation of tridhatu and sapta dhatu. Due to indulging in Sahas veg sandarana. kshaya, and vishamashana , there is the manifestation of Ekadasha Rupa. Rajayakshma is considered as king of all diseases. Thus it is termed as Raja (King) and Yakshma (decay) which mean of the fraying conditions of huge magnitude. Symptoms of Rajayakshma are Parshwashool, Jwar, kasa and raktashthiwana.  In modern era Rajayakshma can be correlated to Tuberculosis. Though there is a difference in the pathogenesis of Rajayakshma and Pulmonary Tuberculosis. The clinical picture of both is quite similar. It is a major public health problem in India due to environmental changes, changes in behavior, diet habits, poor quality of life, population explosion, undernutrition, and lack of awareness about the causes of disease and modern lifestyle. Ayurveda can provide the satisfactory health services due to it comprehensive capacity of attending all type of Pathological changes.

Article pdf download
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