Assesment Between Agnimandya and Arsha Vyadhi : An Ayurvedic view”

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Pallavi Agarkar
Sanjay Chopkar
R. S. Waghmare


Ayurveda-The science of life put forward the two methods for maintenance of health. They are – i) Swasthasyaswasthyarakshanam i.e. maintaining health by adopting proper preventive measures and ii) Aturasyavikarprashamana i.e. curing diseases by giving suitable treatment for the ailment. [1] In Ayurveda the term ‘Agni’ is considered as the power which converts the ingested food substances from one form to another. Agni converts food in the form of substances which are accepted by the body. Ayurveda considers ‘Dehagni’ as fundamental cause of life, complexion, strength, health, nourishment, lustre, oja, teja and prana. [2] In Ayurveda, Agnimandya is said to be the root cause of most of the diseases[3]  like Atisar, Grahani,  Arsha etc. So it is important to understand the Concept of Agnimandya thoroughly to avoid the occurrence and reoccurrence of various diseases. In the present era of 21st  century Arsha has become more common and distressing disease. Symptomatic Arsha affect atleast 50% of population at some phase during their lives with around 5% of population suffering at any given time. So It is important to take care of Agni to avoid Agnimandya.


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