A Role of Ayurvedic Management in Mutrashmari w.s.r. to Renal Calculi – A Case Study

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Prajakta Pravin Dhawadkar


Mutrashmari is one of the commonest diseases of Mutravaha strotas .The disease

Mutrashmari is one among the AshtaMahagada ( 8 fatal conditions) formed in the urinary system .

Based on its clinical features,it is compared with urolithiasis .It is a consequence of complex

physicochemical processes which involves sequence of events in the formation of any urinary stone.In

this case report 50 yrs /male patient visited in OPD Kaychikista with complaint of abdominal pain (

radiating pain from loin to groin ) & burning micturation . The pt had 2 times operated history for renal

calculi . He was not willing for 3rd time operation of renal calculi so he came for Ayurvedic treatment .

The USG report showed renal calculi . The patient was treated with ayurvedic formulation of churna

,tab & kashaya .This treatment showed magical effect .The stone was expelled out through urine within

1 mnth .It was 18 mm ×9 mm in size .The pt got moderate relief from pain in the abdomen & didn’t

experience dysuria . 


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