Environmental health toxicology-a review

Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine

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Environment, toxicology, health environment

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Our environment and health are intricately linked to one another. A good quality environment has a positive impact on human health. When our environment is contaminated or polluted, then all life on this planet is affected.. Environmental health includes the physical, chemical, and biological factors external to an individual that impacts human behaviours. Toxicology uses the power of science to predict what, and how chemicals may cause harm and then shares that information to protect public health. The field of toxicology tries to understand and identify at what dose and through what exposure a substance poses a hazard. This article gives an insight to the fundamental concepts and scope of environmental health. In review we have tried to elaborate that the environment is directly linked to human health. The impacts of the pollutants on human health are discussed here. When human are exposed to chemicals or radiations especially from food, water and air various symptoms like cardiovascular diseases and deleterious effects on the liver and reproductive organs have been observed. Some chemicals like DDT are considered a possible human carcinogen. The importance of a healthy environment is discussed and how we can protect our ecosystems is also highlighted. Finally the importance of sustainable development is also discussed.

Article pdf download
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