Review on oral sub mucous fibrosis in Ayurveda and its management




Oral Submucous Fibrosis, Sarvasara Mukharoga, Premalignant condition, Bruhatrayi.


Introduction -Oral submucous fibrosis is a chronic, debilitating, high-risk premalignant condition affecting the oral cavity. It is characterized by inflammation and progressive fibrosis of lamina propria and submucosa.  Nowadays the incidence of OSMF is rising alarmingly. As the main emphasis of Ayurveda is on maintenance and promotion of health care, a study on Oral submucous fibrosis and its management according to Ayurveda values more in the research field.

Aim- To correlate Oral submucous fibrosis with Sarvasara mukharoga in Ayurveda.

Objective- To correlate Oral submucous fibrosis with Sarvasara mukharoga in view of signs and symptoms, causes, types, etiopathogenesis and management.

Result-On analysing the lakshana described in Bruhatrayi, it is revealed that Oral submucous fibrosis can be equated symptomatically with the Sarvasara mukharoga.

Conclusion-Oral submucous fibrosis can be correlated with Sarvasara mukharoga on the basis of signs and symptoms.


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