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Agnikarma, Thermal Microcautery,Cauterization

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Jain, M. K. (2021). A. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 5(03). https://doi.org/10.52482/ayurline.v5i03.530


Ayurveda has many tools for Pain Management, among these Agnikarma is the best Procedure for pain management [1]. A pain-free life is the longing of everyone. Agnikarma has been explained as one among the Anushastras having greater importance in the management of diseases. All Ayurvedic classics have described Agnikarma in curing different disorders. In Agnikarma the recurrence of the diseases will not be there if once they are treated and cured by it. This Agnikarma can be utilized as preventive measure, as post –operative procedure, and as a haemostatic manner. Agnikarma technique has effect on disorder of Asthi (bone), Sandhi (joint’s), Snayu (ligament and tendon) as told by Vedic Indian surgeon, Sushrutacharya.

Article pdf download
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