Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome management with Ayurvedic prospective

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Monika Luharia


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is one of the most serious medical conditions associated with pregnant women, particularly young women, and It is linked to miscarriage, erratic menstrual cycle, and a disturbed body mass index.  Disease incidence increases mostly day by day because of undisciplined living style, diet, depression, etc. This leads to both physical and mental disorders of the patient and, if not cared for and treated, can also lead to miscarriage or frequent abortion. PCOD is one of that condition which typically affects second or third decade of life in females. It is important to know thoroughly about this disease as modern science has no root cause cure to treat it even the treatment of modern science implicated leads to severe side effects and dependence on the drugs. PCOD is diagnosed in Ayurveda according to its presentation in so many ways like hetu, lakshana, dosha- dushya, samprapti, associated features of PCOS are closely resembling with vandhya yonivyapada, artava-vahastrotas- viddha lakshana, nastartava and ksheena- artava described by acharya Sushruta and pushpaghni jatharini and vikruta jatharini mentioned by acharya Kashyap.


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