Critical Study Of Medhya Rasayana And Its Applications In Jarajanya Smruti-Buddhibhransha

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Sanjivani Robert Dabre


Ayurveda, the science of life, is much more than just a medical system. It has been a part of the Indian lifestyle consciously and otherwise. Memory and cognition are essential not only in process of teaching-learning but also in routine life. Jara (aging), one of the SwabhavikaVyadhi, develops a condition called Smruti-Buddhibhranshaand hampers memory and cognition. JaraChikitsa or Rasayana Tantra, elaborately explained in ancient texts of Ayurveda can offer a solution for this growing issue in the elderly population across the globe. The ancient Ayurveda texts as well as related modern literature have been reviewed for this purpose. Various Rasayana single herbs and formulations; especially MedhyaRasayana can be helpful in the JarajanyaSmruti-Buddhibhransha.


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Sanjivani Robert Dabre

HOD and Professor, Swasthavrutta Nd Yoga Department, Jay Jalaram Ayurved Medical College,  Gujrat, India